A Few Ways To Do SEO Right In 2015

Businessman Suggested Effective 'seo' Optimisation Approach. HanFor years, internet marketers and webmasters have known that one of the best ways to get traffic to their websites was through effective search engine optimization. In the beginning, all one had to do was apply some simple tips to their sites and watch the visitors come rolling in. For those selling products/services or depending on ad money, this was a pretty lucrative time.

Then the rules changed. Google in particular decided to make changes in the way it selected websites to promote in the search engine. Over time, these rules have gotten so intense that what worked six months ago no longer work today. In fact, those same techniques may penalize you!

So how does one achieve good SEO in today’s internet age? Below we’ve put together some of the most solid tips you’ll find for navigating these marketing waters.

1. Mind Your Keywords

Keywords are more important than ever. But what’s more important than those words? Making sure you don’t overdo them. Once upon a time, stuffing was big because it ensured high rankings for those keywords in the search algorithms. Then Google decided that it was creating a poor customer experience and asked for webmasters to mind their words.

Today, you need to pick the best keywords possible for your content. That’s the easy part. The hard part is knowing the exact density you want to go for. It’s usually recommended to go no higher than 2% keyword density. Not only that, but you have to make sure you don’t accidentally use too many other strings that could be misconstrued as stuffing. It’s a tenuous balancing act that requires excellent writing and a good editing eye.

2. Check Your Bounce Rate

Creating a good visitor’s experience for your website is a must. Search engines are measuring your “bounce rate” and factoring that into your rankings. If a visitor comes to your website and immediately hits the back button, that’s going to count against you a little. If many visitors are doing that, it will really hurt your rankings.

If you find that you have a high bounce rate, it’s a must that you find out why they is. Do you have poor content on your site? Is the layout garish and difficult to navigate? Do you have videos and music that autoplay the moment they load? Even those pop-ups you use to recruit people to your mailing list may be working against you. Look at your website from a stranger’s point of view and don’t be afraid to make necessary changes.

Effective search engine optimization in 2015 is still possible, but it requires due diligence and a good eye for website layouts and content. However, anyone wanting to get visitors to their website in this day and age have to know how to make SEO work for them. Always stay abreast on the latest information and don’t count on what worked six months ago still working for you today. Good luck!